Our Story

How We Started

We started Life Pathway after many years of working around the world, developing friendships with all kinds of people, and realizing that in this globalized age people of all ages and nationalities have grown discontent, distracted, and directionless from the tyranny of the urgent, the digital domination of our attention, the marketing saturation of new options and more information, and the disintegration of virtue, duty, and honor. After talking with many people who are searching for helpful conversations, coaching, and consulting, and after being sought out by friends, students, and their referrals, we decided to launch Life Pathway as a platform to encourage and support those who wish to achieve courageous goals and to make wise decisions for life.


E.D. Burns, PhD

Dr. E.D. Burns specializes in consulting and coaching cross-cultural workers, global leaders, students, adults, professionals, and people in ministry. He is a certified consultant of The Highlands Company and a Global Leadership Coach (member of International Coach Federation); friends and clients seek his services when they want to discover their natural abilities to perform better and when they face life and leadership challenges and want to create strong action items for deliverable outcomes. Additionally, he directs the MA in Global Leadership program at Western Seminary. He is available throughout each year to meet clients face-to-face in Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and in international locations like Southeast Asia. He is regularly available for personal teleconferencing calls via online or social media platforms.

Dr. Burns has worked in numerous global contexts, serving students and internationals since 2002. In addition to the US, he has worked in the Middle East, East Asia, Africa, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Learning languages and learning cultures are fundamental for understanding how people think, feel, and make decisions. Dr. Burns also knows the stress of third-culture-kid transitions having grown up with a war-veteran father who was also in ministry, and Dr. Burns has third culture kids of his own that he and his wife homeschool together wherever they are living/traveling internationally. Languages that Dr. Burns has studied include Greek, Hebrew, Latin, French, Spanish, Vietnamese, Thai, Mandarin, Burmese, and Turkish; yet, as a spoken language, he is most proficient in Mandarin. He has traveled to 29 countries, and he has worked with people in all kinds of settings from remote villages to mega-cities. He has earned degrees from Moody Bible Institute (BA), Wheaton College (MA), Western Seminary (MDiv), and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (PhD).

I would rather be ashes than dust! I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet.
— Jack London