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Coaching + Consulting


College + career

We live in a globalized world where options seem limitless and our decision-making anxiety is at an all-time high; sometimes it makes all the difference to have a helpful conversation partner who also can incorporate tools for discovering those college majors and careers that best fit your personality, skills, abilities, needs, desires, opportunities, and experiences.

spiritual + ministry

Many Christians realize the world is increasingly shattered by shame, guilt, brokenness, and darkness. So many temporal and eternal needs, both locally and globally, overwhelmingly flood our consciences; sometimes we need a discerning conversation to help us decide where we can serve, what we could do, who we should help, and how Christ would have us live in faith, hope, and love.

skills + abilities

Throughout our lives we oftentimes make life decisions based upon our felt needs, past experiences, predictable routines, and seemingly golden opportunities; but to acquire objective evidence of your natural, innate abilities and of productive skills you have developed along the way is a strong advantage for discovering how you operate and thrive in the workplace and in life.

interpersonal + community

When working alongside people, as both employees and employers, there are interpersonal relational skills of listening, clear and open communication, question-asking, encouragement, influence, empathy, patience, integrity, and kindness that seem to be a lost art in many places. An encouraging discussion about how to improve our interpersonal skills can be invaluable.

professional + personal

Many people are in jobs and professions that they have learned how to do well, but after a while it seems as though they are missing a major key that would enable them to thrive even more. An objective test and a thorough debrief could help highlight those factors that might improve their leadership, steer their vocational direction, and boost their overall satisfaction.

intercultural + global

With global travel, international immigration, prolific education, and digital communication, we are increasingly faced with both challenges and opportunities for working alongside people unlike us. This area of culture stress for third culture kids can be a huge challenge for families to thrive in highly transitional career, military, and ministry contexts. A thoughtful conversation with a bicultural practitioner who has lived with a family in many countries can be a valuable asset.

Genius is one percent inspiration,
and ninety-nine percent perspiration.
— Thomas Edison