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Learning about our Whole Person Model ensures that you take your “whole self” into account when making decisions right here, right now. It also provides you with a tool you can use to make decisions at any turning point throughout your life. Most importantly, taking a whole person approach provides insights into why and how the decisions you make differ from those of others.

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The 8 Essential Factors in the Whole Person Model:

  1. Assessing Your Abilities

  2. Analyzing Your Skills

  3. Understanding Your Personal Style

  4. Knowing Your Interests

  5. Reliving Your Family History

  6. Relating to Your Values

  7. Reaching Your Goals

  8. Your Career Development Cycle

The 4-Steps of the Highlands Whole Person Method:

  1. Highlands Ability Battery

  2. Customized Career Reports

  3. Highlands Certified Consultant

  4. Create a Personal Vision

Watch the Highlands Company Video and See How Our Method Works:

What Makes the HAB Assessment Unique?

The HAB is unique in that it measures your abilities based on performance rather than perception. Exercises such as recreating designs from memory, manipulating blocks in space, and putting images in logical sequence are some of the virtual tasks you are asked to perform within a set amount of time. Results based on timed performance are far more reliable than results based on self-perception or personal opinion. See the research, HAB Technology and Research.

What to Expect When Taking the HAB

The HAB consists of 19 virtual worksamples that are taken online over an estimated three hours in total. You do not have to take the whole Battery at once, but can do each worksample individually or break them up into smaller groups.

The HAB measures basic human abilities such as:

The HAB is different from other performance assessments in that it also measures vocabulary level. Although we cannot call the level of a person’s vocabulary a natural ability, we have come to recognize it is a good predictor of occupational success in many areas such as law and business

For the complete list of abilities measured by the HAB- Click here

Excellence is an art won by training and habituation.
— Aristotle